Timeshare cancel services review

The Timeshare Cancel Services website has a very clean design and offers a feeling of legitimacy. This could be an intentional tactic to establish credibility. It also provides a good overview of the company’s services and policies. Overall, this company offers a good value for the money it charges for timeshare cancellation. Considering that timeshare cancellation is such a complicated process, it might be worth comparing the services offered by different companies before hiring one.

Timeshare Termination Team

Timeshare Termination Team is an excellent choice for those who want to terminate their timeshare agreements. The company has been serving people for more than ten years and has received a high customer rating. Its website shows that it is located in Colorado but it also mentions that it has offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Tampa, Florida.

The company claims that it can help both people who are still paying off their timeshares and people who have paid them off. Its services are available nationwide, and they are also willing to serve timeshare owners outside of the United States. The company is also expanding its operations to European and Canadian resorts.

Integrity Marketing Solutions, LLC

Timeshare Answers is a timeshare cancellation service that was founded in 2009. The company has been in business for over 12 years and has a positive reputation with consumers. However, recent complaints have surfaced. Let’s look at a few of them to find out what to expect from Integrity Marketing Solutions, LLC.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has not accredited Integrity Marketing Solutions, LLC. According to the BBB, the company has received 55 complaints. Of these, 51 of them were closed due to the company’s failure to respond. However, the Better Business Bureau does list an affiliated company, Integrity Marketing Solutions, LLC, that shares the same address.

Resolution Timeshare Cancellation

If you’re planning on cancelling your timeshare, you’ve likely heard of Resolution Timeshare Cancellation. The company is a family-run boutique cancellation company that was founded to address three major problems with the timeshare exit industry. The company provides expert cancellation services to owners of timeshares across the country.

Resolution’s website features simple information on the process of canceling a timeshare. It emphasizes its three main selling points: no upfront fees, no salespeople, and flat-rate cancellation fees. These rates are clearly stated on the website. The website also contains a thorough FAQ section, an attorney page, and information about the Company’s policies and procedures. Know on timeshare cancel services review.

EZ Exit Now

EZ Exit Now is a timeshare cancellation service that helps clients get out of their contracts. They stand up for their clients and protect them from deceptive business practices that can cost thousands of dollars and lead to sleepless nights. Their services are available in over 60 countries and have helped thousands of clients get out of their timeshares.

EZ Exit Now offers a free consultation with a professional. During this consultation, clients can explain the details of their situation. The representative will ask a series of questions to understand their situation and help them decide which option best suits their needs. After reviewing the different options available, they will send the necessary paperwork to a qualified attorney or cancellation department for processing. Once the paperwork is completed, the client will receive a celebratory call to inform them of their successful cancellation.


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